About me

My name is Doug Cross. Born in Arcadia, Florida, I have always been an outdoors person. Growing up I was down at the river every chance I could get looking for shark teeth and other fossils and pretty much swimming with the gators and exploring the woods. Even as a kid if I was indoors I was reading books or drawing. Nothing has really changed since I've grown up except that now when I'm indoors the drawing has changed to me doing graphic design on the computer and now when I'm outside exploring the woods, I have my camera with me.

About my Graphic Design

I have over 24 years of professional graphic design experience. Through those years I've learned a variety of graphic software. Photoshop being my strength, where I would say I'm at an expert level. Also during that time I have designed a vast variety of pieces including, posters, brochures, trade show booths, web sites, interactive dvd menus, logos and the list goes on.

About my Photography

I discovered my passion for photography in art school. Over the years I've honed my skills to where I am today. I believe being a graphic designer gives me an advantage to be able to look through the eye piece and compose a photograph artistically. Although I love all photography I have a love for HDR (High Dynamic Range) where I can essentially combine my graphic design napplogo
skills with my photography.


You can download a pdf version of my resume here.